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Before Liquid Keratin, the  hair was just washed and dried under a hood dryer.  


In the after photos , the hair was dried by hand with a blowdryer and no brush  in all photos the result of the finished look, the hair was dried in under 10 minutes.  without a brush  

Before and after Liquid Keratin

There are many forms and artistic alternatives to create creative Hair Color .Some of the most beautiful colors are created over time.  Layering several colors and tones into the hair using Balyage or foiling techniques. Ombre is best reflected on long hair but it can look nice on shorter hair as well if it’s chosen right.  The most suitable colors are brown and blonds or varying shades of reds. Root area is usualy darker and then it fades in to lighter on the ends  it can be Vice versa. It will look very fashionable and alluring

Hair Color ​
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